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Pace Senior Showcase 2022

I was one of two people in charge of the marketing campaign to promote the Pace University Production and Design Senior Showcase for the 2022 graduating class. My partner, Sasha Lysenko, and I worked on designing mass emails to create excitement for the launch of our website, as well as then promoting exploration of the website once it launched. We designed and printed a mailed booklet with a page dedicated to each graduating artist and several modeling the work we had done in the past 4 years. Finally we also designed stickers to be sent with the mailers as a treat for those who supported the class.

E-Blast 1.png
E-Blast 2.png

Email Headers

Above (First, introduction to the graduating class)

Left (Second, promoting the website launch)

Below (Third, thanks and reminder of website)

E-Blast 3.png
Sticker 1.png
Sticker 2.png

Sticker Designs

Stickers were printed as 1" x 1" circles

Front Cover.png

Mailed Booklet

Front cover featured to the left. Booklets were printed as 8" x 10". See full booklet in PDF below!

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