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Scenic Painting Examples

Work from shows and practice

[HOH] drape 1.JPG

Watercolor Drapes

Head Over Heels, Pace (2020, cancelled due to Covid-19)

Two poly-muslin drapes (Red: 16'-0" x 57'-0", Blue: 16'-0" x 43'-9") designed in the colors of Gilbert Baker's pride flag. The idea was to have the colors ombre into each other. The top of the drape was meant to be more saturated as it waters down towards the bottom

[HOH] drape 1.JPG

Wooden Barrels

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Pace (2021)

Three 4'-0" x 3'-0" barrels. Outside was lined with luan. The idea was to create a clear wood grain with a gold lining that would feel natural on a boat.

[R+G] Barrels_edited_edited.jpg

Old Column

Head Over Heels, Pace (2020, cancelled due to Covid-19)

Wooden column with sculpt-or-coat on the top. Originally there was going to be 4 of varying sizes, but due to the cancellation, I came back to finish one for the experience. The goal was to create an old stone column.

Texture Practice

Various examples of textures

Marble: 18" x 14" Canvas

Brick/Wood/Stone: 5" x 6" Cardboard

Grass base, later added onto

Marble 1.JPG


Painted version then the original

Archie Comic: From 2" x 2" original to 1'-0" x 1'-0" wood

Anime Scene: From photo from internet to 5" x 7" canvas panel

Archie Big and Small.jpg
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